Exposing Hormone Replacement Therapy Myths

As you age, your body will undergo a wide range of changes, and hormone production is one area that these changes can cause major problems. In addition to making people feel uncomfortable, changes in hormone level can lead to potentially severe complications, but the worst of these issues can usually be avoided with hormone replacement therapy. While this treatment approach can provide you with effective relief from your symptoms, there are many misconceptions circulating about this type of care. In particular, there are two myths that seem particularly pervasive among potential patients. 

Myth: Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Only For Women

One of the most pervasive misconceptions is that hormone replacement therapy is only beneficial for women. This belief largely stems from the idea that men's hormones are stable throughout their entire lives, but this is far from the truth. As men age, they may lose the ability to produce enough testosterone, and while they may be able to benefit from undergoing this type of treatment, many men will fail to seek treatment due to embarrassment or believing this myth. 

When a man receives hormone replacements, they will be given small pills that contain a testosterone supplement. These supplements will restore the man's hormone levels, and this can lead to an increase in energy, stamina, sex drive and mood. 

Myth: Hormone Replacement Provide Nearly Instant Benefits

When patients first start to receive this type of care, they may assume that these hormone supplements will work like many other medications and provide nearly instant relief from the symptoms. Sadly, this is not true, and it can take several weeks for your body to adjust to the new hormones. 

During this adjustment period, you will likely be required to visit your doctor multiple times. This is done to ensure they are able to monitor your progress, and the doctor will adjust the strength of the hormones to ensure that you are getting the fastest results without exposing you to the risk of complications. Returning for these follow-up visits may seem inconvenient, but it is the best way to ensure that your treatment is going as well as it possibly can. 

There are many benefits that can be provided by undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Sadly, there are many patients who could benefit from this treatment who believe these two common misconceptions. In addition to delaying them from seeking treatment, these myths can also give individuals the wrong idea about this type of therapy. By understanding the truth behind these notions, you should find it easier to make smart choices when it comes to your healthcare needs. Talk with a clinic, like Genemedics Health Institute, to learn more about how hormone replacement therapy could be right for you.