Alternatives To Taking Drugs: Substitution Therapies

When you are trying to quit a drug habit, you may find that unless you can replace the habit with a healthier habit, you are going to be revisiting rehab centers in the future. Substance abuse therapy involves more than detox and cognitive behavioral counseling. It involves finding triggers and learning how to deal with triggers. That is where the concept of substitution therapy comes in. Here is more on that very subject.

Tips To Avoid Sports Injuries

When individuals think about sports medicine, they may assume that this will largely be a type of care that is only needed by high-end and professional athletes. However, it can be possible for almost anyone to suffer a sport's related injury, but well-informed individuals will be able to reduce the risk of this occurring. Stay Hydrated Throughout Your Exercise Staying hydrated as you exercise is one of the more important steps in protecting yourself from sport's related injuries.

4 Tips For Not Gaining Excess Pregnancy Weight

Many women are concerned about gaining too much weight during pregnancy. Aside from vanity issues, there are legitimate medical reasons to keep weight gain to your obstetrician's recommendations. Studies show an excessive amount of weight gain can increase the likelihood of delivering prematurely. Excess weight gain also increases the likelihood of having to deliver via Caesarian rather than vaginally. Here are four tips to keep your weight in check when pregnant.

Understanding Some Carpal Tunnel Surgery Aftercare Information

If you have a painful carpal tunnel condition, then you should speak with an orthopedic hand specialist about the types of treatments that are available. If the issue has progressed significantly, then you should think about looking into surgery. Surgical procedures are completed by orthopedists and you should know a little bit about the surgical aftercare before your procedure is even scheduled. Keep reading to learn about a few important things you should understand so you are well prepared.

3 Sleep Apnea Misconceptions

Sleep is an important part of your health and wellness. Unfortunately, many struggle to get the restful night's sleep they need for various reasons. Sleep apnea, for instance, is one sleep disorder that affects your actual ability to sleep, but it can also negatively affect your quality of life. With this guide, you will learn the truth about a few common misconceptions regarding sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea Is Rare One of the most common misconceptions people believe is that sleep apnea is a rare disorder.

When You're Supposed to Return to Work But Your Workplace Injury Hasn't Healed

Getting injured at work can be traumatic. In many cases, you'll go get treatment from a doctor, maybe take a little time off, and your body will heal. But what if the allotted time has passed and you are not fully healed? Your employer wants you to return to work, but you're still hurting and you don't feel you're able to return to your job. Here's what you should do in such a scenario.

Treatments That May Help Manage Your Asthma So You Have Fewer Attacks

There are two important aspects to managing your asthma. One is treating symptoms when they appear and the other is long-term management to prevent asthma episodes. The treatment your doctor recommends will depend on the stage of asthma you have, and may include management by an allergist or asthma specialist. Here are some treatments you may need. Asthma Medications Asthma medications are sometimes inhaled so they can act quickly in your lungs.

3 Facts To Know About Spinal Stenosis

Your spine is important for many reasons. While it is the basis for your body's posture, the spine is also essential for helping you move. Because of its importance, the spine experiences a great deal of stress over time. No matter how well you take care of yourself, you may develop pain and immobility issues that affect your quality of life. One condition, spinal stenosis, is quite common. This guide will give you a few essential facts to know about spinal stenosis.