Keep Your Hearing Clear And Your Aids Clean - Tips For Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Making the decision to see your doctor about hearing aids is a courageous choice that can greatly improve your quality of life. However, taking that step comes with a world of new responsibilities, and you should be prepared for the realities of maintaining and cleaning your new hearing aids. Your ears naturally produce wax and attract dirt, and you should be ready to combat those forces.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for keeping your hearing aids clean. Following these suggestions should put you in a position where you get the maximum performance out of your hearing aids while simultaneously guaranteeing a clean, healthy experience.

Avoid Liquids

One common mistake that many people make is assuming that rubbing alcohol or other liquid solutions will be effective in cleaning their hearing aids. Indeed, any liquid seeping into the delicate mechanical components inside your hearing aids can cause them to short out or function improperly, leaving you in a situation worse than you were before.

Rather than looking for liquid cleaners, you should rely on a simple, clean, dry cloth. Vigorous rubbing and a visual inspection of the surface of your hearing aids should be more than sufficient to remove major spots of wax and dirt and keep your hearing aids gleaming like new.

Use A Multi-tool

For buildup in hard to reach areas, however, there is an easy solution. Specially designed multi-tools exist and are commonly found in pharmacies which have tiny wire brushes designed to break up wax and dirt in the crevices of your hearing aid so you're able to easily wipe those particles away.

These multi-tools also contain components such as a tiny magnet designed to help with removing your battery in order to clean behind it or replace it when the time comes. This can make the process of removing the small and difficult to handle battery much easier, reducing your stress and improving the efficiency of your repair work.

Clean Over A Soft Surface

Hearing aids are often very small, and for people with aging fingers, they can be difficult to handle. Unfortunately, they're also relatively delicate, and if you drop your hearing aids while cleaning them, you can easily cause some accidental damage. For this reason, you should be sure to clean your hearing aids over a soft, padded surface such as a table or desk with a folded up towel on it, guaranteeing that any drops won't result in damage that will be expensive and difficult to repair.

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