Stretches That Help An Injured Rotator Cuff

If you have injured your rotator cuff, you are most likely experiencing quite a bit of pain when you try reaching up for something. Often the range of motion after a rotator cuff injury is severely impacted, making it difficult to perform daily tasks. Your doctor may recommend you see a physical therapist to help regain some of the motion in your arm by doing exercises. Doing these along with some stretches will help regain muscle strength. Here are some stretches you can try on your own at home in between your physical therapy sessions to help reduce recovery time by keeping muscles moving, strengthening them as a result.

Shoulder Twists

Lie down on your bed and grab a cane, broom, or another long object to hold perpendicularly to your body. Raise your arms into the air while holding onto this item. You will feel some stretching as your arms are raised up in front of you. Lower the object for a few second and lift back up again, in the same way you would lift weights. After several sets of lifting and releasing, bring the object back down so it is in front of your body and then shift it to one side of your body as your body remains in a lying down position. Shift it back to the middle and hold the position for a few seconds before shifting it over to the other side of your body. This back and forth motion will stretch your shoulders.

Wall Reaches

Stand in front of a wall with your arms down at your sides. Place your hand of the arm with the injured shoulder palm-down on the wall in front of you. Slowly move your hand up the wall, reaching as far up as you can go before you feel pain in your shoulder. Stretch the shoulder for a few seconds in this spot and then lower your hand. Repeat three or four times to stretch the muscles in your shoulder. Try increasing the height you can reach each time you do this exercise.

Doorway Stretch

Stand in an open doorway. While looking into the room, place a hand on the wall on the outside of each side of the doorway. Shift your weight forward to your toes so you are tilting your body into the room slightly while stretching each arm as it holds you in place. Keep your back straight as you lean forward. This slight resistance will stretch both shoulders. Release the tension and stand at ease in the doorway. Repeat several times for the best results.

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