Finding Your Way To Affordable Orthodontics For Your Pre-Teen

Orthodontics are now offered to parents whose children are younger than teenagers but older than children in their mid-elementary years. Where you might have thought you had several more years to fix your children's teeth, you may be discovering that your dentist and and orthodontist are recommending early corrective measures to prevent more serious orthodontic issues later. These impending and unexpected expenses can leave you financially strapped, but they do not have to. There are affordable orthodontic approaches that may work for you and your family.

Forewarning and Monetary Stockpiling: Your Best Preparation

Usually when an orthodontist conducts a consultation visit, he or she will look at multiple factors that may affect how soon or how late your child may need braces. A big factor is whether or not your child has his or her six-year-old molars, which are the main teeth that an orthodontist will anchor the rest of the orthodontics to. Most children, even late bloomers, should have this set of molars by the time they are eight years old. The rest of the adult teeth in the front of your child's mouth also need to be present so that none of the teeth that the brackets are glued to will suddenly fall out and leave a hole for the rest of the teeth to shift into.

By looking at x-rays and examining your child's teeth, your orthodontist can tell you how many months you have to prepare for the next visit (the one where most of the orthodontia will be applied). If you have six months to a year, that gives you enough forewarning to budget wisely and stockpile enough money to pay all of the co-pays and fees up front. Some orthodontists will offer a percentage off the total cost if you pay the bill in full on the day of the first visit for orthodontic work, which can make it slightly more affordable than you were expecting.

Secondary Insurance Coverage

If you currently have any sort of insurance coverage for your children, but it does not quite cover enough of the orthodontic costs, you can buy a secondary insurance policy. This is frequently offered through your insurance broker or through the orthodontist's office as an extra service. Essentially, this secondary insurance covers all or almost all of the remaining costs for your pre-teen to get orthodontic work completed. Any remaining amount not covered by both your primary insurance and this secondary insurance is your portion, which is often drastically less than what you would have paid with just your primary insurance or no insurance at all. Contact a company like Reed Orthodontics for more information.