Three Symptoms Of Hearing Loss That Should Warrant A Visit To Your Local Hearing Specialist

While some people experience sudden hearing loss that concerns them enough that they book an immediate appointment with their local hearing specialist, others go through a slow, drawn-out change in their hearing ability that can be difficult to catch. If you're concerned that your hearing might not be as good as it used to be, it's ideal to visit a hearing center and get your hearing tested. Based on the results of the test, your specialist will be able to recommend one or two hearing aids that will serve as an effective way to regain the hearing that you've lost. Here are three symptoms that should precipitate a trip to the hearing center.

Difficulty Hearing Certain Sounds

Even if you feel that your overall hearing quality is sufficient, you might have noticed that you struggle to make out certain sounds. Many people who are experiencing even mild hearing loss have difficulty hearing sounds such as "F" or even certain other consonants. The result can be having to ask people to repeat themselves or simply being frustrated that you're not able to follow 100 percent of the conversation you're in. Don't settle for trouble hearing certain sounds; a hearing test will ascertain the degree of your hearing challenges and you'll get the right hearing aid to restore the clarity of the sounds around you.

Excuses To Avoid Social Activities

Many people with even a slight degree of hearing loss feel embarrassed at their inability to follow every conversation, which can prompt them to begin making excuses to avoid getting together with people. If you always found enjoyment in social activities with friends and family but are now looking for reasons to stay home alone, evaluate whether this sudden shift is because of your inability to hear some conversations. There's no need to suffer – your first step toward regaining your enjoyment of social settings is to visit a hearing specialist.

Strange Sounds In Your Ears

Hearing loss isn't only characterized by a struggle to hear things clearly. Many people also experience the emergence of strange sounds in their ears. Often described as a hissing or a high-pitched squeal, these issues are symptomatic of some degree of hearing loss and can quickly diminish your quality of life. A hearing specialist, like one at Hearing Specialists of DuPage, will be able to determine the reason for these sounds and provide you with hearing aids that make this discomfort a thing of the past.