Ready To Concieve A Baby? What To Know

Are you ready to start a family and you're ready to get pregnant? If so, checking in with your obstetrician before you get pregnant is the best option for your health and chances for pregnancy. You shouldn't wait until after you conceive to check in, and instead, you want to find an obstetrician right away. There are a lot of things the doctor will want to check and examine before you go ahead and get pregnant, to make sure you are healthy enough to carry a baby throughout the gestational period. Here are a few things to consider. 

Blood Work is Important 

If you aren't aware that you're iron is low, you have low levels of vitamin D or other concerns that will appear in your blood work, these can heighten and become very concerning while pregnant. It's important for the obstetrician to look at your labs to make sure that your body can be healthy and provide the baby with the proper nutrients throughout pregnancy, or to fix the problems you have before you get pregnant.

Weight and Vitals 

Your current weight, blood pressure and heart rate all need to be healthy for you to conceive, and for you to carry the baby without risks. The obstetrician will want to see you aren't under or over weight. If you already have a weight problem you may be more likely to get gestational diabetes, ad how much weight you can gain during pregnancy will alter. It's very important to confirm your blood pressure isn't a concern since this can lead to stroke or heart attack. All vitals will be assessed.

Improve Fertility

Getting pregnant is easy for some and difficult or impossible for others. The obstetrician will help you calculate what days during the month you are the most fertile, and when it's the best time to conceive. The physician can give you advice on what to eat and drink and how to improve fertility and more so you can get the baby you want sooner.

Starting a family is easier and smarter when you know your body is ready and healthy to do so, instead of finding out after you are pregnant that there are worries or health concerns that can affect you or the baby. Talk with an obstetrician (such as one from before you move forward with your planning, so you can get the green light from a medical expert to continue.