Helpful Information About A Child That Has Pneumonia

Have you been treating your toddler for a cold with over-the-counter medication but he or she does not seem to be improving? It is possible that your child is suffering from more than just a common cold, as the symptoms might be related to pneumonia. Take a look at the article below for more insight about pneumonia and why you must make your child an appointment with a pediatrician so he or she can be diagnosed and treated.

What Is the Cause of Pneumonia?

If your child has pneumonia, it means that his or her lungs are infected. It is likely that your child breathed in germs that caused the condition, which could have occurred at school or daycare. If you have been treating your child's cold for a long-term, it may have made it easier for pneumonia to develop. When a child has a cold, it makes it difficult for the immune system to fight infections that are caused from germs. The inability to fight off infections is likely why over-the-counter medication is not working, and your child must get professional help before the condition becomes worse.

What Are the Symptoms of Pneumonia?

One of the symptoms of pneumonia is coughing, and you might notice that your child also coughs up mucus that is tinged with blood. Your child might also have an unusually low appetite that results in weight loss if he or she has had the condition for a while. Dehydration can also occur if your child has been sweating a lot and not taking in water and fluids that contain electrolytes. A few of the other symptoms that your child may experience include shaking, a bad headache, severe weakness, and possibly feeling confused. A severe case of pneumonia can be fatal if it goes too long without your child being treated by a pediatrician.

How Can a Pediatrician Diagnose & Treat Pneumonia?

You can expect a pediatrician to listen to your child's lungs with a stethoscope when making a diagnosis, as he or she will listen for bubbling or rumbling sounds. An x-ray of your child's chest may also be performed. The number of test performed will depend on your child's specific condition. Treatment might include a prescription of antibiotics, antiviral medication or possibly admission into the hospital if the pediatrician believes that your child's life is in danger. Get in touch with a pediatrician like Willow Oak Pediatrics to find out if your child has pneumonia as soon as you are able to.