Keeping Your Skin Free Of Unsightly And Uncomfortable Razor Bumps

If you regularly suffer from red, irritating bumps on the skin as a result of shaving, you most likely want to find a method in stopping this annoyance from happening in the future. Razor bumps tend to cause slight pain in addition to being noticeable on the skin. Here are a few ways you can eliminate this reaction from happening to your skin altogether.

Try Using Aloe Vera To Sooth The Skin Before You Shave

Purchase an Aloe vera plant from a local nursery or from the garden section of your local home goods store. Use a pair of scissors to snip off one of the tips of an Aloe vera leaf and squeeze the gel inside into a small cup. Use a small paintbrush or a piece of soft cloth to apply this gel directly to the area of skin you intend on shaving. This plant has soothing properties that help keep your skin protected as you shave. An alternative is to use Aloe vera gel. It is important to find one without fragrance or artificial colors to keep irritation from happening. 

Swap Your Razor For A New One At The First Signs Of Dullness

When your razor becomes dull, it may scrape your skin rather than glide across it with ease. During this scraping, any bacteria present on the blades will be transferred into pores of your skin. This will cause redness and irritation as a result. Make sure to ditch your old razor blades for new ones when they no longer give you a close shave to avoid snagging, pain, and discoloration of the skin.

Opt For Hair Removal Treatments Instead Of Shaving

If shaving continues to irritate your skin, having hair removal treatments done by a professional is an option. Allow the hair to grow out slightly, helping your skin to heal as it will not be enduring the shaving process in this time. Make an appointment with a hair removal specialist to talk about laser hair removal. This process will remove each hair shaft from the skin in its entirety, making it possible to not need to shave in this area again in the future. 

Laser hair removal treatments are relatively painless. You will only have minimal discomfort and the procedure is done without the need for an anesthesia. The specialist will place a small device over the area of skin where you wish for hair to be removed. The laser will project bright light into the pigment of the hair follicles, destroying them in the process. Cooling gel is applied to the skin after the treatment to help with any slight pain you may have. After each treatment, you will be instructed to stay out of the sun for a few weeks to allow the skin to heal. Your hair will shed from your skin up to a month after treatment. You can continue treatments until the hair is gone in its entirety.