The River Runs Wild: Three Effective Solutions To Battle The Pain During Your Period

Shark Week, the Crimson Wave, the Red Sea. There are several terms for your period, but one thing remains the same: it's not a fun time in your life. The sudden rush of emotions make you want to stay in your sweatpants all day, streaming the new chick-flick, but the cramping and bloating are distracting you. You don't have to curl up in the fetal position, just waiting for the symptoms of your menstrual cycle to subside. Use the the effective solutions listed below and get back to life as normal.

Chamomile Tea

Drinking chamomile tea while on your period will help ease the pain of cramps because it is a natural anti-inflammatory. It works by increasing the hippurate in your blood. During your period, you have increased levels of prostaglandin, a group of lipids that control the inflammation and blood flow through your body. It is also in control of inducing labor, hence the cramping while you're on your period. Hippurate reduces the levels of these lipids, helping reduce the inflammation and cramping.

This tea works as a triple whammy against your period because it also increases blood flow, helping your stomach muscles relax and it is a natural stress reducer, so you will be calmer and more relaxed as you go throughout your day.

Foods That Are Water-Based

Period or no period, bloating is never anyone's friend. It gives the illusion that you are heavier than you are because your pants won't fit over all that water that is being retained in your stomach. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire by eating more water-based foods. You have to stay hydrated in order to fight the bloating. By continually adding water to your body, you are forcing the water out. Increasing your water intake by snacking on cucumbers, watermelons slices and celery throughout the day will keep the water flowing in and out of your body.

Keep in mind that you need to increase your water intake, not your liquid intake. Many people hear "water" and they immediately think "liquid." Some liquids will only add to the torture of cramping and bloating. You need to stay away from liquids that are dark and high in caffeine. Coffee and sodas will only make you cramp and bloat more. So increase your water intake, not your liquid intake.


That's right. That simple three letter word can be your salvation from the severe menstrual cramping. While you are on your period, your uterus is contracting, keeping you in a constant state of pain. Sex is also a triple whammy when it comes to battling your period. Sexual intercourse helps your uterus to relax, reducing your cramps. An orgasm will help with the blood flow throughout your body, helping your body relax, which helps ease cramping, and sex releases endorphins through your brain. Happy endorphins help you on an emotional level by perking up your mood and easing your stress.

It doesn't matter what code term you have for your period; it all hurts just the same. Instead of letting the cramping and bloating take over your life, use one or all of the pain relief methods listed above you and get back living a normal and pain-free life.