Foot Care Tips When You Have Chronic Pain Or Physical Limitations

When you have physical limitations or chronic pain, your feet may pay the price. Anything beyond bathing may feel like a chore, which can lead to significant buildup of dead skin on your feet and ingrown toenails. There are ways to make your foot care easier and to avoid future problems.

Do Special Foot Soaks

Soaking your feet is the best way to soften dry skin and tougher foot problems, such as corns and calluses. Instead of soaking your feet while in the bathtub or trying to scrub your feet in the shower, find a separate time and place for foot soaks. Using a foot tub will make it easier to take care of your feet. There are many options available, such as inflatable foot tubs, but a simple plastic storage container that is large enough for your feet will also work.

You may want to use a back brush that is only used for your feet to help slough off dead skin after soaking. The long handle is easier to use than pumice stones or foot files. Once you are finished, moisturize with a thick, oil-based moisturizer or light oil that does not feel greasy, and put on your socks to retain the moisture.

Buy A Pedicure Kit

The most important part of your pedicure kit is the toenail clippers because you should always trim your nails with toenail clippers, not fingernail clippers. First, toenail clippers will encourage you to trim your toenails flush with the tip of your toes and trim them in a square shape. Proper clipping of your toenails will reduce the likelihood of ingrown nails. Additionally, toenail clippers are large, which can make it easier to grip the clippers and you will not need as much hand strength to use them.

Another important tool in some pedicure kits are nail lifters. These can be used when you start to notice an ingrown toenail. You use the nail lifter to lift up the corner of the toenail and stick a small piece of cotton or gauze under the corner. Change the gauze or cotton regularly, and with time the nail will grow outward, instead of digging further into your toe.

Make Foot Care Easier

It is often easier to take care of your feet while sitting in a chair because you can bend forward (if possible) and try to reach your toes. If it is difficult to see what you are doing, you may want to purchase a large magnifying glass that is often used by crafters. These magnifying glasses sit up on their own and some also illuminate the area. Simply place the magnifying glass on the floor, above your feet for easier viewing of your toes. A magnifying glass may also help if you need to inspect your feet regularly for injuries or ulcerations, especially if you have diabetes.

Neglecting your feet when you have limitations or chronic pain can lead to serious foot problems in the future. Setting aside some time once a week for an intensive foot care session, such as at Foot & Ankle Care Center PA,  may be enough to keep problems at bay.