The Benefits Of Flap Breast Reconstruction

If you have had a mastectomy, you may be looking to have a breast reconstruction procedure performed. This helps to reshape and form your breasts, helping you to look and feel more feminine and natural. There are two primary breast reconstruction procedures that you can select from. One is a flap breast reconstruction procedure and the other is an implant reconstruction procedure. Learning the benefits of each option allows you to decide which is a better fit for you. Here are three of the benefits associated with flap breast reconstruction. 

Flap Reconstruction Uses Your Body's Natural Tissues

The major difference between flap reconstruction surgery and implant reconstruction surgery is how the breast is formed. With flap reconstruction surgery, tissues and fat that are already in your body are moved and used to form the breast. This is different than an implant which uses foreign materials to create the breast. Using natural tissues in your body helps the breasts to look and feel as realistic as possible, while helping to ensure that you do not have any foreign beings in your body. If you want a natural look or do not want implants used within your body, flap breast reconstruction is likely the best option for you. 

Another Part of Your Body is Resculpted

Another benefit associated with flap breast reconstruction is that another part of your body is resculpted or reshaped when this procedure is done. The fat and tissue that are used to construct and shape your breasts come from somewhere within your body. Most women have fatty stores in their abdomen, making this a prime location to pull from. As such, not only do you get new breasts out of the procedure, but you get a tighter, transformed area where the fat was pulled from, typically your abdomen. This can help you to feel more confident in yourself after the surgery. 

There is No Risk of Leaks

The final benefit associated with flap breast reconstruction is that there is not a risk of leaks when natural tissues are used. When implants are placed, there is always a risk that the implant will cause infection, that your body will fight against the foreign matter in your body or that the implant will leak. These are not concerns that occur with flap breast reconstruction. If you want to decrease the chances of complications, flap is the better choice for you. 

Both flap and implant breast reconstruction procedures can help to reshape your chest and provide you with natural looking breasts again. Speak to your plastic surgeon today about the specific pros and cons of each procedure as they relate to you to determine which best aligns with your desired look.