How Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Can Help Painters

Painting art for a living can be a challenging career option but is often rewarding for those who can succeed. Unfortunately, common injuries may make it hard for many painters to stay on top of their duties and avoid financial struggles. For instance, rotator cuff injuries may require the use of arthroscopic surgery to properly restore a painter's capabilities and keep them working.

Painters May Experience Rotator Cuff Injuries

Painters who create large works of art often spend a lot of time working over their head, such as painting difficult-to-reach areas of a canvas. This type of work may be easier with scaffolding or other types of tools, but some painters may not be able to afford these tools or don't work on canvases that are quite large enough to require them. As a result, they may put a lot of strain on their rotator cuff.

When this happens, the muscles and tendons that make up this part of the body may end up getting damaged and become unbalanced within the shoulder joint. This problem may cause the shoulder to move awkwardly throughout its range of motion, making it difficult for a painter to work. And if the situation is serious enough, it may result in the need for rotator cuff surgery of one type or another.

How Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery May Help

Rotator cuff surgery is a procedure that works to repair any torn tendons or muscles throughout the shoulder to help it remain strong and secure. Painters may need this surgery if their rotator cuff is not healing properly and they can't paint or create their art. There are a handful of different surgery types that may work the best for their needs, such as arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery.

This surgery is considered the least-invasive option because it occurs through a small incision. Small surgical devices are then carefully inserted into the cut, where the surgeon can then carefully remove damaged tissue and repair the tendons and tissues using a variety of different techniques that help to make these tissues stronger and prevent the spread of damage throughout the shoulder.

Thankfully, this type of surgery can be covered by insurance. Just as importantly, this type of treatment is something that should provide results quickly, though it is necessary for those who receive it to make sure that they get checked regularly by their doctor to ensure that the healing goes properly for their needs. Contact a doctor to learn more about rotator cuff repair.