4 Early Warning Signs You Need to Visit an Orthopedic Injury Rehab

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a therapy-based program designed to ease pain resulting from surgery or trauma and correct musculoskeletal limitations. With this kind of therapy program, you can restore flexibility and function to the parts of your body that need rehabilitation. Note that orthopedic rehab is different for everyone because it's going to be tailored to your condition. That being said, here are four indicators you should watch out for to determine if you need injury rehab.

1. You are experiencing sharp pain during workouts

Sharp pain when working out could be a sign that you have severe injuries like a stress fracture or strained muscles. When you feel such pain, you should consider getting orthopedic rehab because it prevents the need for surgery or complex medical procedures. During your rehabilitation, a physical therapist employs different methods, such as exercise and manual therapy, to treat the root cause of your pain.

2. You have limited mobility

If you're finding it difficult to move or exercise normally, you should consider orthopedic injury rehab. On your first visit, a physical therapist will conduct an assessment to establish your range of motion, muscle strength and observe your movement patterns. These are necessary tests that will help in establishing the cause of your pain. It will also help guide the therapist create a personalized care plan to help manage your discomfort/injuries.

3. You're having more injuries than normal

If your muscles always feel stiff or are frequently failing, you may greatly benefit from orthopedic injury rehab. With the help of a therapist, you can learn exercises that can increase your stability and improve your balance. Your therapist can also help you learn the different ways you can cool down or warm up following a vigorous physical activity, reducing the chances of further pulling tendons or muscles. 

4. You have injuries resulting from repetitive movements

If you sit in one position doing the same type of work for hours or lifting different items the same way, you're prone to repetitive injuries. Some of the injuries resulting from repetitive movement include tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. When you experience these injuries, it's mandatory to seek orthopedic injury rehab. Your therapist will help you learn different exercises to manage your condition. You'll also be guided on ways to perform repetitive tasks to avoid future injuries.

If you exhibit any of the signs mentioned above, you may need orthopedic injury rehab. Your therapist will help to manage your condition and advise on ways to avoid future injuries.