Adding Style To Your Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Customizing your hearing aids is an excellent way of adding functionality and style. Whether you need them for daily hearing or to detect faint sounds, rechargeable hearing aids come in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes. Adding style to these devices isn't necessarily expensive. In fact, you can incorporate smart technology, bold colors, and volume controls without bumping up the price tag. 

Stylish hearing aids are also easier to use and maintain. This makes work, school, or social gatherings more enjoyable. Here are some useful ways of breathing life into your hearing aids. 

1. Select a Minimally Visible Design

Rechargeable hearing aids can be worn in many different ways. While bulky over-the-ear designs are used widely, consider going with in-ear or behind-the-ear (BTE) models. BTE hearing aids are discreet, comfortable, and easy to wear/remove. They also fit with other accessories you may be wearing, such as glasses and earrings. 

BTE hearing aids are less likely to fall off your ear, thus providing continuous noise reduction and cancellation performance. Some rechargeable BTE aids also come with multiple earbud sizes. You can select the ones that fit your ear canal most comfortably without compromising on performance. And with complimentary or low-cost cleaning solutions available, you can maintain a hygienic in-ear environment at all times. 

2. Easy Operation

Style most often complements convenience. By adding modern features to your hearing aids, you'll find that operating them is much easier than before. For example, stylish BTE aids include touch-sensitive controls that make volume adjustment, on/off operation, and noise cancellation much easier. 

You can adjust these controls quickly and avoid missing out on important sounds during your daily activities. Some hearing aids also include advanced volume adjustment to make low sounds crystal clear. 

To further enhance your hearing aids, the controls may come with custom lighting options that blend with your clothes, facial structure, or accessories.  

3. Smart Integration 

Perhaps the most stylish feature of rechargeable hearing aids is smart integration. These devices now come equipped with sensors that can send and receive signals. By using a mobile app, you can control your hearing aids, recharge the battery, and monitor performance. 

Some apps also simplify the maintenance process when you need to replace earbuds or tubes. Smart integration turns analog hearing aids into modern hands-free devices.  

4. Unique Color Options 

Color is one of the easiest ways of adding style to your hearing aids. You can choose from neutral tones that provide a discreet look to bold colors that add personality to your outfit. And regardless of color, you'll still enjoy quick battery recharging, a comfortable in-ear or behind-the-ear fit, and interactive environmental buttons.