Do You Have A Lot Of Neck Pain? 3 Types Of Treatment That Can Help

If you have a lot of neck pain this can make it difficult to do many things. Fortunately, there are treatment options available to help your neck pain go away. Below is information about this so you can start treatment soon.

Physical Therapy

One way to help with your neck pain is to see a physical therapist. Your doctor can refer you to one in your area. The physical therapist will give you therapeutic massages to help the muscles in your neck.

They can also do ultrasound treatments and give you exercises. You will do these exercises while at their facility. This can help you with range of motion which means you will not have a lot of pain when you turn your neck from side to side. These exercises will also help make your neck muscles more flexible and strengthen the muscles in your neck, as well as your shoulders. 

The physical therapist will give you exercises that you need to do at home. If you need to use any type of equipment the physical therapist may give you this or tell you where you can purchase it. Your doctor can tell you how often and how long you should have physical therapy. 

Steroid Injections 

The doctor may choose to give you a steroid injection. If so, this can help relieve the pain in your neck, as well as other areas, such as your shoulders or arms. If you have a pinched nerve causing your neck pain, then you may have pain in these other areas. 

The doctor may give you the steroid injection directly into your neck. They may also choose an epidural steroid injection. If so, they inject the steroid in the epidural space that surrounds the spinal cord in the area that is irritated and inflamed. 

The steroid injection may last a long time for you. Your doctor can tell you how long to expect your pain to stay away. Once the pain comes back the doctor may choose to give you another steroid injection. 

Manual Manipulation

Manual manipulation is done by a chiropractor in most cases. With this, the doctor uses their hands to adjust your spine to give your neck a better range of motion and to reduce the pain. 

The chiropractor may ask for medical records or may ask to speak with your doctor. This will help them determine why you are having neck pain so they know if manual manipulation will work well for you. 

The chiropractor will first speak with you about your neck pain and then develop a treatment plan. You may only have to go one time, or the chiropractor may have you come more than once. This will depend on how much pain you have. 

Your doctor can tell you of other treatment options available to help you with your neck pain.